Top 3 Underrated Training Tips

Published : 20 January 2016

"Incremental gains" is one of the biggest buss words in training today. However, we at rideinside see the potential for athletes to improve their fitness far easier. 

In the pursuit of incremental gains athletes are ignoring some of the simple, proven, and highly effective steps that are the foundation of training. 
Here are some of the underrated training tips that make a difference and improve your performance. Isn’t that what we all want? So what are these steps?

Yes! There, is perhaps nothing that’s more underrated than sleep. It is especially difficult to get athletes who are also professionals during the day to increase the number of hours they spend sleeping. Perhaps it’s because we see articles from super-successful business types that say these people only sleep 4-6 hours a night. But when you look at elite athletes, they sleep at least 8 hours a night and many try to get 10 hours a night. How many hours of sleep do you get on average? Sleep duration and sleep quality have remarkable impacts on recovery for athletes, and getting more sleep improves the quality of your workouts and the amount of training stress you can induce and adapt to. Do You want to do yourself a big favour? Review your sleep patterns and change your sleep habits. 

To make your interval sessions at rideinside effective, you need to increase the difference between your hard efforts and the recovery periods. If you’re doing lactate threshold intervals such as our Thursday night long interval at above threshold, you want your recovery ride to be very light. You don’t want to go from lactate threshold to a moderate endurance ride. To preserve the quality of your hard work – to get more high-quality work completed – you need to make sure your recovery periods are indeed light. Please take note all of you and enjoy the down time with your partner!

Training is all about accumulating enough workload at specific intensities to lead to a positive adaptation. That often means repeating the same session over and over again during a focused block of time, sometimes over the course of several weeks. It’s effective, and improvement comes from increasing the workload and intensity. That means MHR% and time under load. 

We hope the above has provided you with some insight into the training sessions we have at rideinside and how our sessions are structured to improve your total fitness and achieve your goals. Looking forward to seeing you focused and determined to get that incremental gains at rideinside.